Bidder eligibility

Evidence of bidder eligibility in respect of specialist knowledge

Awarding bodies have a duty to award public contracts for the assembly and repair of drains and sewers to eligible bidders. That is why more than 5,000 contracting authorities and engineering firms across Germany are currently engaged in verifying the technical eligibility of bidders on the basis of the Gütesicherung Kanalbau RAL-GZ 961 as a reference work for the formulation of eligibility requirements.


The Quality and Test Specifications RAL-GZ 961 define requirements agreed between clients and contractors on specialist knowledge, technical performance capability and technical reliability as well as the documentation of self-monitoring.


Bidders must demonstrate compliance with these requirements when submitting bids. The Sewer Construction Quality Mark of the corresponding appraisal group is issued by the Gütegemeinschaft on the basis of continuous advisory support and inspection by the test engineers commissioned by the Quality Committee.


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