Application for award of the quality mark

Companies use the Sewer Construction Quality Mark to demonstrate that they have met and continue to meet the Quality and Test Specifications RAL-GZ 961 for the execution area indicated on the certificate. It serves as reliable and incontestable evidence that the companies satisfy the prerequisites with regard to technical bidder eligibility of the at present more than 5,000 awarding bodies across Germany for the award of public contracts.


Companies also benefit from the following:


  • Extensive, regional and low-cost training courses also available as in-house events on individually agreed dates
  • Regular invitations to regional knowledge sharing events with clients and engineering firms
  • Option to print out individual qualification information via the login area
  • Information on relevant rules and regulations
  • Free subscription to technical documentation series of the Gütegemeinschaft
  • Advice from the test engineers commissioned by the Quality Committee
  • Regular invitations to Members' Meetings and opportunities to help develop the work of the Gütegemeinschaft

To the applications:

Application form for business and public institutions


- for membership and quality mark AK, V, S, I, R, D


- for award of an additional appraisal group


Application form for clients and engineering firms for membership and quality mark ABAK, ABV, ABS


Application form for businesses for verification of qualifications and subsequent contract for RAL quality assurance for an individual project