Contracting terms

Requirement of bidder eligibility based on RAL-GZ 961

The legally watertight awarding of contracts for public-sector construction services is the result of a focused and legally compliant tendering procedure. The assembly and maintenance of drains and sewers demand a precise description of the requirements on the service to be performed. In addition, the client as the awarding body may define the requirements on the eligibility of the bidders (participants in the competition) on a contract-by-contract basis.. It is not easy to formulate these requirements in a way that is compliant with public procurement law.


Companies must have the eligibility required to execute the services properly (VOB/A and general information in DIN EN 1610, section 15). When combined with effective construction monitoring in particular, for instance, this ensures that the work owed is performed to the quality defined by the client.


That is why clients formulate the requirement of bidder eligibility pursuant to RAL-GZ 961 when publishing the contract notice in public tendering processes.


The following pages provide information on:


  • Formulation of the bidder qualification requirement pursuant to RAL-GZ 961

  • Guides and further information on the requirement, verification and demonstration of bidder eligibility pursuant to RAL-GZ 961 (notes to EFB)

  • Legal framework for the requirement of bidder eligibility