Advertisement series

The Gütegemeinschaft places advertisements in selected journals of the construction trade press and other prints of relevant to the industry (publications of associations, conference proceedings, exhibition catalogues, etc.). This allows the advertisements to reach both contractors and clients for sewer construction projects. Detailed information can be found in the press reviews.


The advertising concept of the Gütegemeinschaft Kanalbau is based on a modular system of fixed and interchangeable components. Alongside the "Güteschutz Kanalbau" label among the fixed components are the logo of the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Kanalbau and the reference to the website of the Gütegemeinschaft Kanalbau:


In addition to the various messages, the interchangeable components include large-format photographs that are compiled in advertisement series:



The "Skylines" series uses large-format photomontages to present urban areas in combination with technical motifs and a variety of messages. Test engineers are shown going about their daily work on building sites and in discussion with planners and network operators. The collages illustrate the importance than an intact underground pipe system has for the living space above it.
  Infrastruktur im Fokus 

The "Infrastruktur im Fokus" series showcases a variety of living spaces shaped by man, such as an urban environment, transport infrastructure and residential areas. These highlight the importance of an intact underground pipe network for the areas above ground.

Test engineers on site  

This is supplemented by images showing the test engineers commissioned by the Quality Committee of the Gütegemeinschaft Kanalbau at work on the construction sites and in discussion with network operators and planners.



Clients and network operators 

The spectrum is rounded off by portraits of clients and network operators behind the idea of Gütesicherung Kanalbau RAL-GZ 961.